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Wireless Home Networks

Two types of home networks are wireless and wired networks. Both require a router which directs the traffic between all devices. The router is also what allows multiple computers to share one internet connection. Once you have decided which type of connection you are going to use and how many computers will be in your home network you will need to acquire the appropriate and necessary equipment such as cables, adapters, router and network interface cards to connect your system.

Home Networking

Today most of us find that having just one computer in the home is not enough. By having multiple computers you can have a home network which allows the computers to communicate with each other and share things such as files, printers, internet connection and game systems to name a few.

Home networks basically have the same components; multiple computers, router, software that allows the exchange of information and a path for that information to flow.

Home Network Configuration

Once these things are in place it is then time to configure your system so it communicates with each computer. To configure your computer system depends on the hardware and software you have selected to use or what came in your computer system or device from the manufacturer. Your devices and computers came with user manuals which will be very helpful in setting up your home network.

Home Network Technician

Home networks can be challenging to set up so when you need a professional to set up your home network call us. We will configure your home network with your existing devices or advise you of the devices that will be required to get your home network set up the way you want it.

If you’re looking into setting up a home network, regardless of how many computers you have or devices you want to network we will gladly schedule an appointment that works with your schedule to set up and configure your home network.





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